Going Solo

Tim and I are organizing a non-date this weekend.

It's the last weekend of 2011 and we're desperate to see the holiday-released flick Girl With a Dragon Tattoo. However...it's the last weekend of 2011 -- no one's around to hang with Henry and, to make matters even more dismal in the new year, our favorite sitter is spending the next semester in Denmark as a foreign-exchange student.

So Tim and I have decided to go see a movie. The same movie. Separately. One of us will do something with H while the other sees the film, then we'll switch.

That way, we can still talk about it afterward. Not very romantic, but quite practical, don't you think? We'll save money on sitters. We'll go during the day, so we'll get matinee prices. I'll sneak in Christmas goodies to avoid paying exorbitant concession prices.

It's Date Night, ThriftySchoon style.

I'm just excited that this will be the first theater movie I've been to in ages that wasn't either animated or in some way geared for kids. I'm a grownup! I'm going to a movie that promises "brutal violent content, strong sexuality, graphic nudity, and foul language"...woohoo!

I'm going alone. What did the guy in John Hughes' The Breakfast Club say? "That's sorta social...demented and sad, but social..."

Truthfully, I used to love going to movies alone. For years, when I never had any dates (and I'm not exaggerating), my favorite escape was sitting in a darkened theater with a diet soda and losing myself in someone else's life for a couple hours. But shhhh, don't tell Tim that. Because we'll eventually find a sitter. And get out of the debt this Christmas brought upon us. And it's pretty fun sitting next to Tim at the movies, too.

I love being part of a couple. I'm automatically less pathetic. Or perhaps, it's nice to share pathetic-ness.

At any rate, with this movie, I won't be spending 2 hours alone. I'll be spending 2 hours with Daniel Craig. And that, my friends, is a Happy New Year!


Tom Myler (scoodog) said...

Fun idea! Did you like the movie? I saw it on Christmas Day -- thought it was fun!

Amy said...

I did a little too much celebrating on New Year's Eve, so I didn't even get out of my pjs. No movie for me. The day after, I spent all day cleaning the house for the new year. Maybe this weekend we'll get around to our moviegoing plan...