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It's that time of year -- summer vacay!!! My first trip of the season had elements of both work and play. I traveled to San Antonio, working in my company's office there for two days and spending evenings and a Saturday seeing the sights (Alamo, Riverwalk, Mexican market, and mucho mucho margaritas and guacamole).

The next bit of traveling in our family won't involve me. Tim and Henry are having a boys' getaway to the Rocky Mountains. I'm not sure exactly what all they'll do, but it will involve camping for at least four nights in a place that doesn't have showers. I'm sure they'll have fun; truthfully, I'm not totally broken up that I have to work and miss all the excitement.

We have to wait until later in July to all go someplace together, but it'll be worth it. SAN DIEGO, baby! SeaWorld, Legoland, Wild Animal Park, Aircraft Carrier Museum, the BEACH, and on and on. Cannot wait. We're staying in Escondido, near the animal park and centrally located for most of our planned activities. I'm stoked to see more palm trees, which I couldn't get enough of in San Antonio and which are woefully absent from the Iowa landscape. As long as everyone refrains from mentioning the word "shark," Henry will have a lovely time. He'll also experience the first plane ride(s) he will actually remember. The last time he traveled by air, he was small enough to sit in our lap (and save us the insane airfare too).

All this anticipation and glee makes work, well...work.

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scoodog said...

Sounds like a fun summer! When you were commenting on Facebook about working last week in the San Antonia branch and enjoying it so much, I kept thinking of The Office and Jim working in the Stamford, CT branch. Hope that no one at the San Antonio branch called you Tuna.