Gal after my own heart

You may recall my post about Libby Lu a while back. From her Petfinder profile, it looks like she's still without her forever home.

The same dog rescue also has another Scottie, this one named, rhymingly, Sally Sue. Think they planned that? Think they're running out of good names?

Anyway, Sally Sue has a story I can relate to. Bless her heart, she's trying to lose weight. She'd developed quite the spare tire. I guess her previous owners never played with her or walked her or anything.

Now, she's on a canine version of Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, and she's on a fitness program -- she takes walks every day with her 92-year-old foster Grandpa. And the pounds are melting away! For the details, read her profile. It's beneath the adorable pictures of her.

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Mary said...

Too cute!!!! I have a Westie (Maverick) and a Scottie (Merlyn), I love them so much! Both look adorable, good luck :)