Libby Lu Who? And others in need

I've been neglecting my blogreaders. I apologize. Honest! We've just been all over the place, literally and figuratively. I'll do my best to be more dedicated to those dedicated to my ramblings.

Back at it, I'll go with a post on dogs. It's guaranteed to make most of you go "awwww." More importantly, it's about dogs who don't have homes. We bought our beloved canine Maggie from a breeder, which will probably get a tsk-tsk from some and a "at least you didn't buy at a pet store" from others. We love her. I wouldn't trade her for anything. But as I contemplate the pros and cons, and the idea of a second dog someday, I am leaning heavily toward adoption.

A friend of mine has fostered and adopted several dogs, including a sweet girl who'd been with him since the late '90s and recently passed away. She was his best buddy and I can only imagine the empty spot her passing has left in his heart.

Another friend recently adopted her second corgi from some friends, even though she'd gotten her first through a breeder. Now she has two adorable red and white babies -- to whom she refers as "the corgyn" -- who wag their nubby tails like mad to show her they love her bunches.

I've been checking out petfinder.com, poking around for Scottish terriers, the particular breed I think I'd like next time around. I found a terrific nonprofit rescue group out of Omaha, Neb., called Little White Dog Rescue that, while dedicated to Westies like my Mags, occasionally fosters Scotties.

And so I've fallen for 2-year-old Libby Lu. She's the best of both worlds -- a sweet, sassy Scot who is potty trained and loves other dogs and, even more importantly, 5-year-old kiddos.

I'm guessing we're not in a position to adopt this adorable lass (although, if the stars were aligned...). But I hope someone is. She's an adorable girly. She needs a forever home. Many good dogs do.


Tom said...

Amy, Libby Lu looks really nice!! I think she and Maggie would be great siblings and fun to have.

And thanks for the reference to Scooter. She was a great dog and I still can't believe she's gone. And there is something about a rescued dog. They are so wonderful, in all of my experiences.

AnneR said...

Cute cute cute! I think Maggie would do really well with a little playmate. Miss Libby Lu is cuter than any scottie I've ever seen.