Wow. That was ugly.

I had a biometric health assessment today at work. It's a free service offered by our insurance carrier and our employer to try to get people as healthy as possible so our insurance premiums won't continue to go through the roof. You know...preventive maintenance. But how much preventive maintenance can one/should one do on a 1971 Plymouth?! Ha.

I won't freak you out or embarrass myself by revealing my weight or my waist size or my BMI, except to say that, according to the charts ladies and gentlemen, I am -- drumroll and fanfare -- OBESE. Plus, my cholesterol's well above 200.

I'm so tired of fighting this battle. Could someone please create for me a healthy and satisfying alternative to the cigarette? Because honestly, the only thing that's ever effectively take off the weight and keep it off was those horrible nicotine sticks. And there you're trading one potential killer for another. "Why yes, I looked so svelte and attractive. Right before they detected the tumor and the chemo made my hair fall out..."

Are you sick of me making these declarations that I'm going to lose weight? I know I'm growing weary. I started my food diary again and am keeping track of my exercise, trying to eat more fruits and veggies, plus whole grains and lean meats. I've set a new goal I'm going to try to reach by my birthday, Dec. 1. But to tell you the truth, I'll start by aiming for that number on the scale that takes my BMI from OBESE to the other O word...overweight. Never thought I'd be aiming to celebrate that sort of mediocrity. Every little bit counts.


Brianne said...

Brett is in the same boat. I think it's absolutely ridiculous. Neither one of you are "obese." Chin up! You're not shooting for mediocrity, you're shooting for something that will make you feel FAB. :) Try not to let the medical terminology get you down. *hug*

AnneR said...

The only thing I don't like about Wii Fit is that when I step on the platform, it thinks for a minute and then says, "oooohhh, that's obese."

Keep on keepin' on, Amy. I'm right there with you. (I say, as I prepare to glaze the scones I just baked... damn. So much for healthy. They do have oatmeal and whole wheat in them, though.)