Day 17 -- My bucket list?

10 things I've always wanted to do that I haven't done (yet)

1. Travel outside the United States. I'd love to go almost anywhere in Europe. In a pinch, Canada would suffice, since it's close.

2. Write a book. I've written ideas for books. I've written chapters for books never finished. I need to just DO IT.

3. Go back to school full time. I have no idea what I'd study. I wish I felt passionate about something that I could translate into a career.

4. Win the lottery so I can either write a book or go back to school full time. People always say that money doesn't solve problems. I'd like to form my own opinion on that subject.

5. Visit New York City.
It's odd, but 9/11 actually made me want to see the city even more.

6. See the Atlantic Ocean. Or any ocean other than the one I've seen.

7. Smoke pot. But if you're my mom, you didn't just read that. Or maybe you did, and aren't you proud of me for having never done that?!

8. Be in the studio audience of a TV show taping. Maybe Letterman or The View (on a day when Elisabeth Hasselbeck is out touring with Ann Coulter). Or perhaps Oprah. I'm not her biggest fan, but I like the free stuff she hands out.

9. Own a Scottish terrier. Maybe someday. We saw a scottie pup over the weekend, which rekindled my interest in the cocky, black cuties.

10. Live somewhere that's warm and sunny year-round. The older I get, the less my emotional state tolerates cold and snow. But I don't see my situation changing anytime soon, so I guess I'd better invest in heavier coats and bright lighting.


AnneR said...

1. Yes.
2. I want to READ your book.
3. It's a mixed blessing.
4. I'm willing to join your money/happiness experiment.
5. YES!
6. It's wet.
7. I have a funny not-smoking-pot story that I'll tell you when you visit.
8. Letterman was a ton of fun and yes, the studio is freezing. I want to go to the Martha Stewart show. Her audience got $500 blenders the other day. (Not that I know why anyone would WANT a $500 blender.)
9. I have my own dog fetish.
10. I'll visit that warm place when the move happens! I recommend dry heat.

Amy said...

Thanks for playing, Anne! I want to be in an audience the day they give away the $1,200 cappucino maker. And as for new careers being a mixed blessing, I guess life, like people, can never be perfect. But oh if it were so...