Day 8 -- Busted!

Right now you should be doing ______ instead of being on the computer.

Most days my fill-in-the-blank answer would be "just about anything." I occasionally find myself ignoring my kid or my hubby or my dog or my bundle of house chores to take a "Which powerful woman in history are you?" quiz on Facebook or to update my FB status with some completely banal rundown of my lame existence.

However, I have to admit I've done a whole lot of somethings this weekend that make my occasional cop-a-squat on the couch with my laptop a lot less pathetic. In the past two days I've:

-- Knit several inches on a sock.
-- Started a sewing project (I'm making a patchwork tote-ish bag).
-- Visited Tim's aunt, who is rehabbing a severely broken leg.
-- Gone to spinning for 80 minutes.
-- Went on a short outside bike ride.
-- Walked the dog.
-- Cooked and cleaned and laundered (sans snotty towels, thank you very much).
-- Read a book.
-- Snuggled on the couch with my honey.
-- Read to my kiddo and been read to by him.
-- Played games with my kiddo.
-- Shopped for groceries.
-- Finished two blog posts, including this fine one.

So I'm giving myself a free pass. I'm allowed to surf the Net. At least for the next 10 minutes.


Tim said...

In case anyone is keeping track. I laundered a snotty towel. I'd do that over giving the dog a bath (I did that too) any day.

AnneR said...

I hadn't felt guilty about all my surfing until I read your post, and now I feel bad. I'm going to try keeping my laptop in my office instead of letting it camp out in the living room. That should work... for about 48 hours. Though I'm hoping maybe it'll be an incentive to keep my desk clean.

Yeah, right.