Page A1, above the fold??

In December, Henry's preschool Winter Wonderland pageant got postponed because of, ironically enough, snowy weather.

Last night, the snow fell again, but we all ignored it and trekked back to school for the make-up session. We almost forgot about it -- but, thanks to the miracle of Facebook, our friend Nicole's "status" line about her daughter's program served as the wake-up call.

And then we forgot the canned goods. This program was a food fund-raiser for the Johnson County Crisis Center. (I did pack up a few items this morning in hopes we weren't too late to help.)

The program was worth the wait -- kidlets in costumes of snowflakes and top hats, gingerbread people and reindeer, polar bears and penguins took the stage to sing such silly songs as the Reindeer Pokey and some sort of penguin song to the tune(ish) of "I'm a little teapot." My little penguin belted out his parts and did the little hand gestures and booty shaking with great gusto.

He didn't make it in the paper, but our friends' youngsters Avery and Daniel did. And the reporter quoted H's lead teacher, Brittney. Yes, that's the big news in our fair city. Aren't you jealous? The Chicago Trib has Blago. The Washington Post has a new administration. We have sniffling, diaper-clad toddlers singing for someone else's supper.

Actually...that doesn't sound so bad.

Updated to note that Henry DID actually make the paper, Tim reports. Just not the online site. So run right out to your newsstand...

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Anonymous said...

Awwwww! Wish we could have been there! Sorry the full story isn't online. Did we miss a picture of Henry? or a quote? Save your copy of the paper. . .