Just waiting

I posted this pic as my Facebook cover this afternoon:

I've posted quite a bit recently in support of gay marriage. 

I'm just waiting for a negative response. I get plenty of my friends agreeing with me. I'm positive that there are those relatives or acquaintances or former classmates who do not share my opinion.

I don't want to fight. There's too much anger and hate and nastiness being spewed. It doesn't have a place on my page. However, I don't honestly want to have a civil discussion with opponents, either, because I get all bent out of shape about this issue. I'm not generally an outspoken militant activist about much. People are entitled to their opinions. But I'M of the OPINION that I don't need you in my life if all you stand for is taking away other people's rights, spreading hate, and supporting religious endeavors that claim your beliefs are the only valid ones.  

Will I lose Facebook friends over my stand? 

Maybe. But I might not really consider it a "loss."

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