Apparently, I'm out of the loop

This morning, I received an e-mail from an administrative assistant for our department. She wanted to alert us that cards would be going around the building next week for people to sign regarding Joe Smith (not his real name, for purposes of anonymity and my job security). She said she knew that several people wanted to get cards for him, and so this would be a consolidation of efforts.

This e-mail went out to, seriously, hundreds of people.

Yet no one replied all to ask the question I certainly was asking:

Who is Joe Smith? And why are we giving him cards?

Generally, we give cards to people when they are sick, when someone they love has died, when they have a major surgery, when they have a baby, or when they are leaving the company.

Usually, when I'm in on an e-mail like that, I have some sort of inkling of who the person in question is and why we're fussing.

On this, I was clueless. Apparently so were many of my coworkers. Several of us turned to each other and said, "Joe Who?"

One person finally e-mailed the admin and fessed up that we were unaware of the situation. Turns out, Joe Smith is someone who works only occasionally with many of the people on the list and I certainly was not the only one who had no clue of his situation.

Joe Smith was just diagnosed with leukemia.

I feel bad. That stinks.

But I'm still not signing the card (and it's not just because I'm on vacation next week and won't get the opportunity). "Hi Joe. You don't know me. But, get well soon."

At least I actually work in the same building with him. I'm guessing the card info wasn't very helpful for employees who work in San Antonio or Austin or other remote locations. Surely there's a better way to distribute info, Ms. Admin.


Aaron said...

In case you cared, there is Almond Joy coffee creamer in the Austin office. Working remotely, I found this news quite helpful.

Amy said...

Maybe someday, Aaron, you could send out an e-mail to TMRS ALL, stating, "Cupcakes in my pantry! Come help yourself!"