Gifts that make you go hmmm

Listening to bad morning-drive radio this morning, I caught a bit of a story about "What was the worst Valentine's Day gift you ever received?" Completely contrived and extremely overdone, every year, since, oh, the beginning of time. But a couple of the callers made me chuckle. Such as:

-- The woman whose boyfried gave her an electric toothbrush. It was a really expensive toothbrush, the man exclaimed. It was a toothbrush, the woman reiterated. Either you think I have bad breath or oral hygiene habits. Or you're just romantically clueless. And imagine how many beautiful roses (or lilies or orchids) that money would have bought...

-- Actually, there were many "My boyfriend got me a _____________" ... fill in the blank with the name of an appliance. Toaster. Treadmill. Bathroom scale. Can opener.

-- The woman whose boyfriend gave her an Alice Walker book. She loved Alice Walker. Favorite author. But the book was about...female genital mutilation.

-- Groceries. (And then he expected me to cook him dinner, she added.)

So what do you want for Valentine's Day?

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