End of Season

We're wrapping up Henry's first short-course swim season. He didn't qualify for state, so he has limited practices this week and next, then a few weeks off before long-course begins. He had a terrific season. He grew as a swimmer, and his very last meet -- he came in 6th place in the 100 free! He even won his heat!

I think we're all tired of the constant demands of swimming -- practice, meets, volunteering, special events, and so on.

Tonight, it's taking every ounce of responsible Mom in me to get him there. I'd rather curl up on the couch. He'd rather watch tv or play computer or do just about anything but swim.

However, the guilt's got me. So we're on our way to Mercer Aquatic Center. He'll swim laps. I'll run the treadmill. And we'll stop for dinnertime treats on our way home.

My sore throat says "soup." Henry yelled, "Chocolate!"

He's in luck though. Girl Scout Cookies just came in.

So there's always the bad with the good.

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