And the notefest continues...

Last week, the editors debuted our signage that asked for respectful voice levels when conversing around us.

This week, the rest of the company seems to have fallen in love with our tactics. I've counted a half dozen notes tacked up in kitchen areas, by the copier/printer, and in the bathroom.

There are lots of people doing naughty things in our office. Or, perhaps other people are super hypersensitive. And cranky. And generally curmudgeonly.

After reading the signs, I learned that:
1. Someone is stealing food from the refrigerators. I recommend everyone start spitting in their food. Is that passive aggressive? Maybe just gross. Not sure it would curb the offending actions. Might empower me a bit.
2. People are flushing things down the toilet that shouldn't be there. I think I'll just leave it at that. (Reading that makes me feel 5 years old.)
3. Whoever owns that toaster needs to take it home. It is a fire hazard.
4. Another refrigerator-related missive...You must take everything you own out of the fridge by noon on the last Friday of the month or risk having your containers and lunch bags thrown away. No exceptions!!! (Did you get that!!!!!!)
5. If the toner cartridge on the printer is empty, change it. Do not wait for someone else to do it. Here are the directions. Do it. Now.

I feel like I should go sit in a corner and suck my thumb.

Or maybe I'll visit this website: PassiveAggressiveNotes.com

However, when I just tried that site, it was down for some reason. I feel the need to write a note: Dear Website, In the future if you are down, you need to alert me in writing at least 45 minutes prior to when I need to access your site. This morning's surprise shutdown was most inconvenient. Sincerely, Me, for whom the world revolves around

EDITED TO ADD: I wish I could write a note telling people on conference calls that if they are working, they are working. They should not be babysitting their children. Children who are screaming and yelling and banging things in the background. That is all.

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