Is it a four-letter word?

So today, I went for chuckles on Facebook. I posted a diagram that, in a nutshell, claimed that the only men who are handsome, smart, and nice are also gay.

I think I may have offended my betrothed.

I'm now going to tell a story, one that may get me in more hot water with the hubs. But it's true, and I love it. And I love him. I hope he forgives me.

It was the summer of 1996. I had just had my heart broken by a man I thought I could trust. I told my mother I was never going to date again. I moaned and whined and cried and wanted to lock myself in my apartment and never come out.

Then I got a phone call from someone. Turns out he was the photo intern at the paper where I worked. He and I had a mutual friend who suggested he call me and see if I wanted to have lunch. So we met. And after, I was on the phone with my mom, bemoaning my miserable life. She kept wanting to hear about this guy.

"He is just a guy. We went to dinner. It was just dinner. Nothing more, Mom. He's a nice guy. But I'm not interested. He's just a nice guy."

I look back at that and shake my head. If he hadn't been a nice guy, I'd have been chasing after him? Given my previous bit of bad relationship drama, I'd probably say "yup."

Fast forward a few weeks, after our friendship developed into something more, and I actually said those words to him. I said, "You are such a nice guy."

I think he groaned. Apparently he thought that was the kiss of death, too.

But let me tell you something about nice guys. In my experience, there aren't nearly enough of them out there in the world. When you find one, grab on and don't let go. In my case, he wasn't just nice. He was handsome. And smart. Witty. Sweet. Delightfully sarcastic. Truthful. Passionate. Dedicated. Loving. Talented. Loyal. Honorable. Trustworthy.

And he's most definitely not gay.
(Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

He's not just my husband and father of my child. He's my best friend.
And he's nice.
Deal with it.


Tim said...

Trustworthy. Honorable. Loyal. Sounds like a Boy Scout, and we all know they can't be gay...

Amy said...

Snarky. I forgot snarky.