It may snow 1 inch.

It could snow 8-10 inches.

How's that for nailing it down?

When I left the house this morning, there were a few stray flurries. Nothing like the near-blizzard Channel 9 had claimed would descend upon us today and bring us at least 7.5 inches.

It boggles my mind that, in the age of apps and smartphones and instant information, no one seems to be able to accurately predict the weather. I'd do better to not listen to anyone and just stick my head out the window every morning and dress accordingly.

I guess SOMEONE will claim a correct prediction when all is said and done, because, most likely, we will get at least 1 inch and no more than 10 inches.

That someone probably went in a back room somewhere and threw a dart on a board. Or flipped a coin. Or consulted the Ouija board. Or shook the magic 8-ball.

Will it snow? Yes, definitely. Will it snow more than 5 inches? Signs point to no.

Click here to try your turn at the magic 8-ball.

Edited to note: The superintendent must have been watching the doomsday'ers. The schools let out two hours early. Which is even more inconvenient than canceling classes all day. Not to mention...it was merely flurrying when the announcement went out. *exasperated*

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