Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is the Chinese New Year. This year is the Year of the Dragon. How will you celebrate?

According to the Internets:

Expect this to be a very energetic year, filled with optimism, power, and entrepreneurship. However, the year is of the water dragon, which means that even the most powerful will give a patient hearing to the weaker, and will try to see through their point of view. Better alliances and decision will take place.

Will the politicians follow this prediction? Try to see each other's point of view? Don't hold your breath.

Optimism and power? That does sound positive.

Through my surfing adventure this morning, I learned that my Chinese zodiac sign in the pig. Not thrilled about that. However, I did learn that I'm a good match to my rooster husband and am seen as "nobel and chivalrous" and my "friends will be lifelong." Aww, shucks.

Do you think my boss would buy it if I told her it's a holiday and skip out early? I'm in the mood to sip tea, barefoot in an embroidered floral silk dress.


Noble Rot said...

How did you get a picture of my butt tattoo?

Amy said...

Did an Internet search. Better be careful. Did your butt get photographed when you were unaware?