And it just gets worse

First, Rick Santorum ended up a mere 8 votes away from winning the Iowa caucus on Tuesday night.

Now, "Christians for a Moral America" (CFAMA) endorses him. (He was actually the group's second choice, but bat-sh**-crazy Michele Bachmann dropped out of the race so they needed to find some other ultra-right-wing, bible-thumping, come-to-Jesus kind of candidate to back while spouting their anti-everything agenda.)

Ever heard of CFAMA? Piece of work. The group recently posted on Twitter a shout-out to pray for the death of British singer and former Wham! frontman George Michael, during his recent bout with pneumonia. And I quote: "Pray for George Michael's demise. He has chosen a satanic lifestyle and must meet an appropriate end."

This is one of many reasons why being a Christian is, frankly, unappealing to me. Why would I want to associate with people who claim to be bearers of Christian love, yet clearly are driven by nothing more than hate hate hate. I spent about five minutes on the CFAMA blog and couldn't take it any longer. I was queasy and dirty and felt the need to shower. How can people just spew this garbage and send it out? And how can recipients suck it all in and come back for more?

For example, this group came up with its Anti-America Hate Group List 2012.

1. Liberals (Liberals, they say, are part of every group in the "cesspool"--prostitutes, homosexuals, pedophiles, muslims, jews, illegals, atheists, and feminists--so I'm not sure why they bothered to make a list of 5...Liberal seems to sum it up).

2. Atheists

3. Homosexuals

4. Muslims

5. Feminists

Did you make the list? I made the list -- a COUPLE times! I'm in the cesspool! Wanna join me?

But seriously, I would advise you not to click on the blog link. Don't give them extra hits to their site. I can tell you, among the other filth I found there, was an "expose" on sodomy titled "Lifting the Lid: The Dark World of Homosexuality PART 2" (complete with picture of a manhole cover labeled "sewer"), a post on how "America must invade Iran to ensure our survival," and a plea to "Boycott GLEE" (yes, the American musical comedy-drama TV series on FOX that focuses on a high school glee club competing in show choir...singing, dancing devil's spawn).

Apparently, though, God doesn't listen to these dimwits. Yay, God! George Michael survived. He's alive and well. Which is more than I can say for CFAMA's Twitter account; I heard it has been deactivated. I didn't bother to confirm. I don't care to know any more about how much hatred can be spread in 140 characters or less.

For an alternate view, check out the site Jesus is a Liberal. According to this group, which, interestingly, worships from the same Bible as the CFAMA, Jesus's teachings "outline a Liberal, Progressive, Tolerant, Loving, Open-Minded, Holistic, and Sustainable Vision for our World."

Amen to that.

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