I've been walking around in a fog all week, remembering my college days and how far I've come from those first reporting and editing classes. At work, as I've been interacting with fellow editors, I keep wanting to say, "How can you go on with work and life as though nothing has happened?" But they weren't the lucky ones who had the benefit of Les' care and attention. So I move through the moments alone, with only my memories keeping me company.

Tomorrow I hit the road for an 8-hour drive back home to attend the visitation and funeral for Les. That's 8 more hours of alone-time to reflect. One good sign: thinking had been resulting in tears, but I'm transitioning to more smiles as I recall happy times.

There's a Dan Seals song I keep thinking about:

One Friend
© Dan Seals

I always thought you were the best
I guess I always will
I always felt that we were blessed
And I feel that way still
Sometimes we took the hard road
But we always saw it through
If I had only one friend left
I'd want it to be you

Sometimes the world was on our side
Sometimes it wasn't fair
Sometimes it gave a helping hand
Sometimes we didn't care
'Cause when we were together
It made the dream come true
If I had only one friend left
I'd want it to be you

Someone who understands me
And knows me inside out
Helps keep me together
And believes without a doubt
That I could move a mountain
With someone to tell it to
If I had only one friend left
I'd want it to be you

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