This is what the boys do during Bye Week...

University of Iowa football player A.J. Derby has been suspended for two games after he was arrested on charges of criminal mischief and public intox over the weekend.

From the local paper: "A.J. Derby will serve a two game suspension as a result of his poor decisions this past weekend," said Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz.

Wow. Way to go out on a limb with that punishment, Coach.

Derby will not be allowed to participate in the next two games. Interesting, since he's the backup quarterback and most likely wouldn't even play in the games ANYWAY.

Not that I wish anyone ill, but it would so serve them all right if starting quarterback James Vandenberg has to leave the game on Saturday against Penn State. Trouble with this little lesson is that John Wienke, the QB who would come in instead of Derby, isn't a third string true freshman. He's a junior who has been battling Derby for the second spot.

Way to teach these boys a lesson.

Way to crack down on drunkenness and illicit shenanigans.

I guess this is one of those teachable moments. What have we been taught? Party at your own risk.

'Cause it turns out it's not real risky, after all.

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