Henry's Activities

Every time I turn around, Henry's joining something or trying something new or just generally being much more social and active than his parents. We're looking like slackers next to this 7 -- excuse me -- almost 8-year-old.

He's in intermediate gymnastics.

He joined the swim club (three practices a week, new family orientation, multiple fund-raisers, club uniform orders, picture night, joining the social committee, and prepping for his first meet in mid November).

He's been selected for the elementary school's student council. Two meetings a month, in the mornings before school. (More fund-raising...I sense a theme.)

His parent teacher organization sent everyone out with catalogs to earn money for classroom supplies and other learning tools. (Thanks to those who bought crappy wrapping paper and mediocre chocolate for the cause.)

His birthday's in a couple weeks, so he's throwing a shindig at Iowa City Gym-Nest, complete with play, pizza, and Sponge-Bob cake.

He loves his after school program, so I've volunteered to be on the board of directors. They need money. So guess what. Fund-raising.

And he won an award last week for being an outstanding, responsible student who always completes his homework and respects others. In addition to the kudos, he got a pizza party with the principal.

I'm really proud of him.

But all of his ACTIVITY makes ME tired.

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