Taking "yo-yo" to a whole new level

Yo-yo dieting is that all-too-familiar phenomenon of losing weight on a diet, going off the diet, gaining the weight back, going on another diet, and so on. Been there, done that, ate the doughnut.

But what does it say about me that I was on a diet the past few months and did one helluva yo-yo while I was still on the diet the entire time. It was getting slightly ridiculous. I couldn't string two consecutive successful weeks together -- after having lost more than 30 pounds from December to May. Up 2, down 1, up .5, stay the same, E.T.C.

I credit my med changes and my mood for part of the problem. Mostly, I missed my Jenny Craig consultant, Amberly, who took a leave of absence around the same time my weight loss efforts skipped town.

However, she's back now, and today was the end of week 2 back on the wagon! I lost 1.2 last week and 2.6 this week. I'm less than 7 pounds from my halfway goal. She made a deal with me: when I hit halfway, we go for manicures!! Woooohoo!

I'm determined to get as close to goal as possible before my birthday. It's a milestone birthday. An ugly, looming, agonizing birthday. I'd like there to be less of me when I reach it.

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