Dating is a euphemism for hooking up

I just discovered a rather horrible web site. So horrible I couldn't look away. I had to search. I couldn't help myself.


In case you ever wondered, Jennifer Aniston has been in 14 celebrity relationships averaging approximately 1.3 years each. At least according to this web site. Exactly what this site bases its information on is a bit suspect. One of her "hookups," it claims, is David Spade. When you were married for five years to BRAD, you'd think you could do better than David Spade, sarcastic SNL has been and real-star hanger-on-er. Really.

I spent more time than I'd ever care to admit thinking up my favorite stars and searching for their tawdry tidbits.

I'm fairly disgusted by the fact that two of my favorite leading men, Gerard Butler and Colin Farrell, have both been linked romantically, er, horizontally, with Lindsey Lohan. Colin also has Paris Hilton, Denise Richards, and Carmen Electra as notches on his cyberspace bedpost. Gerard's had quite the variety, including Jessica Simpson and (surely not) Fran Drescher.

Then again, who HASN'T been with these two men. Combined, they've had more than 70 celebrity relationships. And...full disclosure...Gerard is a man-slut. He's had a whopping 52 of that total.

It seems that if either of these men breathes anywhere in the vicinity of a woman, she's on the list faster than you can say Voulez Vous Coucher...

It's a wonder the entire Population of Hollywood isn't one giant, festering, angry venereal disease.

Then again, maybe it is.

Guess I'll just have to force myself to stay away from Colin and Gerard. I know. I'm an amazing example of iron-strong willpower. Their loss.

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jguywrite said...

I like it. Always loved Jennifer Aniston. Some magazine had pics & said she had plastic surgery on her face. Hate to believe it, but it's probably true. They don't live in the real world.