_____ on a Stick

The Iowa State Fair just announced its newest fair foods being introduced at next month's fair.

Doncha wish you lived here? Are you now planning a road trip?

Fried Butter on a Stick
The ultimate Butter Cow tribute, butter dipped in a honey flavored batter and fried golden brown on a stick.

Chocolate Covered Fried Ice Cream on a Stick
Found at Oasis Concessions at the Pioneer Livestock Pavilion.

Peanut Butter and Jelly on a Stick

A tasty skewered version of this childhood favorite.
Found at Salad Bowl on the upper balcony of John Deere Agriculture Building.

And it's not on a stick, but it's worth a mention:
Red Velvet Funnel Cake
A chocolate-flavored version of a Fair favorite, complete with a cream cheese glaze. The Best Around located at the Triangle.

What building's the Pepto Bismol-on-a-stick in? Where's the location of the nearest portaJohns? I'm waiting for the follow-up news story...

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