Netflix Addict

Streaming video. 24 hours a day. My husband and kid have left for their trip. Netflix is my babysitter.

I'm enjoying a day-long movie bender, watching while I clean house and do laundry. Light on the folding and cleaning, heavy on the vegetating in front of the TV.

Here's what guilty pleasures I've enjoyed so far.

Quantum of Solace
Sweet November
Maid in Manhattan
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

I think tonight's going to be a marathon of The Tudors.

Truly pathetic. Yes. You don't have to point it out.

Edited to note: I love Kevin Smith. But that Jay and Silent Bob business? No thanks. I ditched it after 20 minutes.


emawkc said...

Did you get Quantum of Solace to stream? When I try it, Netflix tells me it's not available.

A few months ago I had a Netlfix Fellini Fest during a few days downtime at home. Recommend.

Amy said...

Nope. I recorded it from some cable channel. Maybe TNT.