Funniest Guy on Late Night TV

Not Letterman.
Certainly not Leno.
Jimmy Kimmel? Nah.

Hands down funniest guy on late night TV has to be Craig Ferguson.

He makes me cry, he's just that funny. I love his delivery, his excellent timing, his sarcastic edge. And of course I love his Scottish accent. He could probably just sit there and talk in his accent about absolutely nothing, and I'd crack up. He's hysterical.

He's also on at midnight. Which is why I never watch him.

I think I'll start DVR'ing and watching at a more reasonable hour. I have to get up at 5 a.m. And I'm old.

He does have some clips on the CBS web site and on YouTube. Perhaps my favorites feature him interviewing another Scot, Gerard Butler.

But nothing beats his monologues, which critics have described as more a storytelling session than a series of one-liners.

Like this one

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