British invasion

Ever since I went to the latest (and final...sniff, sniff) Harry Potter movie last weekend, I've been -- in my head -- talking with a British accent. I've had to be careful so as not to have it burst forth during work meetings.

I can't even say Harry Potter normally. I feel the need to say "Haaaarrrayhhh Pottahhh."

I feel the distinct urge to drink tea. And place my groceries in the boot of my auto. And declare everything to be "Brilliant!"

I'm going to miss those kids. I can't wait to see what the young actors do as grown-up stars. I wish them well. I'm nervous for them. I want them to find success apart from, or perhaps in spite of, their early career adventures.

And, with Tim and Henry off on their excellent adventure to Colorado next week -- and me with a new subscription to Netflix -- I feel the urge for an appropriate movie marathon. Lots of men in silk and women with big hair and corsets and cleavage giving Oscar-worthy performances. All the whilst speaking the Queen's English.

See. I've got it bad.

Edited to Add: OMG. I had no idea that the guy who plays Luna's father in HP is the same guy who played Spike in Notting Hill. AAAAUgh!! He's a riot!

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Mary said...

Sounds like a great week for a Hugh Grant movie marthon :-)