Bipolar in the News

People Magazine revealed today that Catherine Zeta-Jones has been treated for bipolar II disorder, following the life stressors brought on by dealing with husband Michael Douglas's cancer.

Read the story here.

As the story reminds us, bipolar disorder afflicts about 6 million Americans.

I'm glad to see the actress putting her beautiful face on the disorder...to show that, see, it can happen to anyone. It's also nice to see someone taking care of herself and apparently following treatment.

Just a week or so ago, we had this headline in our local papers after a man fatally shot a law enforcement officer in an Eastern Iowa town: Man had long history of mental illness, substance abuse. He had been battling bipolar disorder for 30 years.

The battle never ends for anyone. Sometimes there's a lull in the action. Other times, the fighting's harder than ever. Unfortunately, there are usually casualties of one kind or another.

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jguywrite said...

I wasn't taking anti-depressants when you worked w/ me. Too bad. Would have made life a lot better. I admire anyone who has the guts talk about that kind of thing.