Treat day. Really.

Our company rewards us quarterly for our hard work and dedication to the company by hosting "Treat Day." This is a day where the company provides sugary snacks to employees. This is the same company that has been sending us nutritional pamphlets and books on how to be healthier. This is the same company that has been advertising its upcoming participation in a Global Corporate Health Challenge. This is the same company that bemoans the fact its health care premiums are skyrocketing because its employees are so sedentary and fat and generally unhealthy.

Makes perfect sense, eh.

Used to be that the company would also provide apples on "Treat Day" so that those trying to watch their calories would have a reward as well. The company stopped doing that. When no one ate the fruit.

So here I sit, on "Treat Day," having to deal with the fact that a giant plate of cream cheese brownies is sitting in the empty cube right next to me.

Truthfully, I'm not that tempted. I like the way 24.4-pounds-lighter feels on me these days. That's how much I've lost on Jenny Craig since I started in December. I've dropped at least a pants size. I can run more than a mile without stopping. I can walk more than 10,000 steps a day.

And I can say no to cream cheese brownies. Sitting. By. My. Desk. All. Day.

It's ok. I have a Jenny Brownie waiting for me at home after dinner tonight. Happy "Treat Day" to me. And in August, when I fit into that two-piece swimsuit, that will be treat enough.

Truthfully, if the company wanted to reward me for my hard work, I'd take a few bucks extra in my paycheck. You know. If anyone asks...

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