People do weird stuff in the bathroom

I just saw a woman's foot in the stall next to me in the bathroom, tapping away. Later, I watched the owner of said foot walk out of the bathroom, bopping away with her iPod earbuds in.

Is one's life so in need of a music soundtrack, one must not put down one's portable music player to do one's bathroom business? Really?

I've heard of people talking on the phone, too. If you are ever on the phone with me while you're in the can, hang up on me. Seriously. I'll forgive you. I do not understand the kind of urgency that anyone must feel to both converse and well, you know.

I've also seen women applying makeup while driving their cars. I've seen men playing trash can basketball while on a conference call. There are probably people out there who listen to their iPod in one ear while listening to a conference call through another, while driving and applying makeup. Throw in "passing through the drive through for a quick bite of lunch" and you have yourself a show called Juggling in 2011.

There's multitasking. And then there's feeding the beast labeled: Attention Deficit Disorder.

Focus, people. Focus.

Did you just flush? I swear I heard that...

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Tom Myler said...

It sure does seem like another era -- thinking back to when we didn't have our smartphones, miniature music players, iPads and such. We were so disconnected! Might have been good for the soul. And for quieter bathrooms...