Making Connections?

A Circle of Useless Facts to Fill Up Your Brain...

Denny's Grand Slam breakfast made its debut in 1977.

There are 27 sovereign member states of the European union -- 20 republics, 6 kingdoms, and 1 grand duchy.

A grand duchy, sometimes referred to as a grand dukedom, is a territory whose head of state is a monarch, either a grand duke or grand duchess.

Genevieve Guidroz, born Aug. 7, 1932 in Berwick, Louisiana, is better known as the grand dame of dieting: Jenny Craig. She started her company in 1983 in Australia with her husband Sidney and started in the U.S. two years later.

Jenny Craig Inc. has been part of Nestlé Nutrition since 2006.

Nestlé HealthCare Nutrition employs 2,500 people in approximately 30 countries, with global headquarters Switzerland and North American headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Nutritional Information for a Grand Slam: a Belgian Waffle Slam with margarine but no syrup is 1,030 calories.

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