Oh Last Week: You were such a tease

Last Thursday, the temperature soared to nearly 70 degrees. I ran outside on the trail in a t-shirt and shorts. In FEBRUARY. In IOWA!

Here we are, four days later, and it's 30 degrees, drizzling, with the promise of snow showers later in the day.

I pulled out my light box this morning for the very first time this winter, hoping it will help me through...so a rough patch doesn't turn into a deepening chasm. Yesterday I felt grouchy and out of sorts. Today, I'm sleepy and grumbly and staring out at the gray day, wishing I was anywhere else but here.

Snap. Out. Of. It.

I so wanted that beautiful day from last week to be a sign of things to come. And I guess it was. Too bad the "things to come" are a month or two off...

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