Date night!

We booked a babysitter.

Those are four glorious words in the Schoon household. We don't hear them often. But we've now found a new, reliable, consistent, responsible young woman who loves our kid and who's generally available when we need her, who luckily agreed to relieve us of our parental duties for one evening so we can go have dinner and drinks and conversation like grownups. (Tim, there better be NO whining. NO negotiating. NO complaining that you'd rather be playing video games. Hear me?)

Dinner's at HuHot mongolian grill, one of the only places we can NEVER go with Henry because, well, the concept of various foods all mixed together...not a hit with the H-man. Foods covered with sauce (that's not ketchup) and touching -- a deadly combination in the eyes and palate of our 7-year-old.

Then we're headed to the First Avenue Club in Iowa City to watch the River Rats Dueling Pianos show, featuring two guys from Minneapolis, two grand pianos, and an array of rock-n-roll favorites. It is billed as "not your mother's piano bar."

So excited I can barely get through the day! Happy Friday!

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