We Google Because We Can

Did you know if you type a few words into Google, say, the beginning of a question, Google will give you all sorts of possibilities for discussion?

The bit I typed in this morning was: "Does this..."

Here were some of the ways Google completed that phrase, based on what other Google users have previously typed. Should we be afraid for the future of humankind?

1. Does this mean you're moving on?

2. Does this mean you're annoying?

3. Does this look infected?

4. Does this guy like me?

5. Does this mean I'm pregnant?

6. Does this mean I'm gay?

7. Does this look stupid?

8. Does this offend you?

9. Does this make my ass look fat?

10. (What) does this dream mean?

What did we do before Google? (And as an aside, how many of you are now going to go to Google and type in "What did we...") Well, for starters, if there were no Google, I wouldn't have wasted the last 10 minutes writing this.

And the top "What did we" phrases included "What did we learn, what did we win, and what did we use before toilet paper."

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