People Suck

Just in case you were afraid this was turning into a diet blog...

While I was in Lowe's Home Improvement, trying to improve my life, some asshat hit my car in the parking lot and drove away.

I now have a smushed-in driver's side fender and more than a thou in repairs upcoming to bring it back to its former glory. This is the second wreck I've had with this car. The thing is going to be worth about $4 when I go to trade it/sell it in a few years.

At least the driver's door opens now. When it first happened, the bent fender blocked the door from opening, so I had to maneuver through the passenger side, over the center console, to wedge myself into the driver's seat. When Tim took it to the auto body place yesterday for an estimate, they said they couldn't start work for a couple weeks, but they manhandled some metal back in place so I could at least enter and exit the car with a bit of decency.

I filed a report with the police, who basically said I was in fantasyland if I thought they'd ever catch who did it. At least I got a case number for my insurance company, so it'll be filed under hit-and-run. I'm just glad it wasn't my fault.

Poor beat-up Civic. It's such a great car. Too bad it seems to have a bulls eye covering it.

On a positive note, tonight's date night! We found a new sitter for the boy. We're doing dinner and live music-listening. Mostly it will be nice to get out of a rut.

Beware the street parking or parking ramps. Maybe we should just call a cab.

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