Unfinished Business

10 unfinished projects hanging over my head

1. Knitting -- I could do a whole list of knitting projects alone that I have left to finish. A couple pairs of socks. A baby blanket. A shawl. A hat. A scarf. So much yarn, so little time.

2. Finish the basement -- First we have to clean the basement. And then we have to make it look like a real living space.

3. Clean my closet -- What a pit.

4. The floor -- Actually the floor's finished (lovely Pergo) but we still have no moulding around the base in many spots, and the stair edge is still raw.

5. Christmas shopping -- This is so unfinished, it hasn't even begun.

6. The book -- I keep saying I'm going to write a book. I keep writing a bit every few months. And yet it's still hanging out there...

7. Quilt -- I still need to do the border/edge of a quilt I started what feels like a decade ago.

8. Brownies -- I need to bake brownies for a coworker's birthday. That'll get done tomorrow night. One thing to check off the list!

9. Prepare for H's Birthday -- Wrap presents, make goody bags, pay for the cake, pick up treats for the school party.

10. Cross stitch -- I am doing a Victorian cross stitch on linen that will, indeed, take me forever to finish.

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