Thankful stuff, day 3

My kid. I'm so thankful every day that he's turning out to be such a great kid, smart and witty (he understands sarcasm and will call me out on it EVERY time). I'm really thankful he's adapting to first grade so much better than kindergarten. And I'm glad, from what we see so far, he hasn't inherited all the crazy genes from me. Maybe a bit of an anxious nature. But maybe he'll grow out of that.

I'm proud of his increasing interest in athletics -- specifically gymnastics and swimming -- which make him strong and healthy.

I'm thankful he made me a mom.

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Tom Myler said...

Amy, I love the theme of calling out what you are thankful for, day after day. Hmmmmm... I wonder if I will do this, too? I see benefit in doing it...