Thankful for Java

I could not live without coffee.

Especially this time of year, when the creamer companies release their holiday flavors. I am a sucker for Peppermint Mocha, whether it's Coffee Mate or Starbucks.

Yesterday, I drank sumatra with my healthy splash of peppermint mocha while sitting in front of the semi-roaring fire (note to self: we really need better firewood).

It made my day.

I also baked cookies, cornbread, and cranberry-orange bread. I'm surprised I'm not in a sugar coma.

But what a way to go...


Crystal said...

Peppermint Mocha is the ONLY reason, I mean the ONE AND ONLY reason I look forward to this time of the year! I hate the cold, rainy, (as today is cold AND rainy), snowy, crappy weather! Peppermint mocha makes it a little more tolerable. :)

Amy said...

I read your FB status this a.m. and smiled. :-)