Giving Thanks, again

Today, I take back all the moaning and complaining I did about UI Quick Care, the minor emergency center that had my wrath a while back after closing at an odd hour for lunch. The odd hour being the exact time I needed care.

But today, they saved me. I met them at the door when they opened at 7 and was diagnosed and out the door to the pharmacy by 7:20. I have a bladder infection that was swiftly becoming a kidney issue.

Now I'm on cipro, the antibiotic they give people who have been exposed to anthrax! So I'm sure I'm well on my way to, well, wellness. I also get a great little pain pill that turns my pee orange. Fun times.

I'm dealing with all this while working from home, as I have no sick days left. I have to be better by tomorrow, because I have the day off with Henry, whose school is closed for conferences. I'm excited to spend the day with him. We're going to see Megamind (a Dreamworks movie) and do Christmas shopping.

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