Day 4 of Thanks

Pets! I've adored every pet I've ever had. They become such a part of the family. I miss my sweet baby Ansel every day. And Dolce was the sweetest cat ever. Fitting name. And every day I quietly thank Tim for letting me get our Scottie puppy, who is such a perfect fit in our family -- even the Westie girl begrudgingly thinks so.

We even dig the new fish, a male betta named Gyrados who's pretty like a peacock and eats like a small horse.

Just this weekend, Henry reminded me that we need to get Eisie a stocking for the mantle at Christmas. He wasn't with us this time last year. Only question is...have the dogs been naughty or nice? With Eisie, doesn't matter. If he got a chunk of coal....he'd just chew on it!

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