Stress-free living

I had a friend tell me about her new attitude on life. She heard it from another friend and liked the notion.

She said she was tired of being stressed about everything. So her new way of living is to tell herself to not be stressed. That she just wasn't going to be stressed about anything anymore. She wasn't going to let herself. She could be "concerned" about something and work to relieve the concern. But stress? No more.

Do you really think it's that easy? To just tell yourself not to be and, poof, stress goes away? I think that's fantasyland talk. I tell myself I shouldn't worry about things all the time, but I still worry. And if I weren't worrying, I'd be worrying about NOT worrying.

I think a little stress is healthy. It's motivational. It pushes us to move on past whatever's stressful, so that we might find some relief.

I think a lot of stress is dangerous. And I think telling yourself you are not stressed is, well...denial.

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Samuel said...

I had a friend who was diagnosed with a serious illness and was expected to be dead in 6 months. He is still alive and doing well 6 years later.

His mantra is, "I'm healthy and strong. I will survive."