The Sounds of Silence

I'm sitting here in the guest room/home office, enjoying some peace and quiet. Except it's not quiet at all. In the last five minutes I've heard...

1. Tim reading Henry a chapter of Harry Potter (book 3)
2. The dogs chewing their compressed bones
3. Cars zooming past
4. The "clink" of our neighbor's horseshoe pitching
5. Neighbor dogs barking like mad
6. The TV being turned on and tuned to the Vikings/Saints game
7. Clanging and banging from road construction (and I thought I had to work long hours)

1 comment:

Tom Myler said...

The author of my book "How to be an Explorer of the World" would be very impressed with your observations!

Some things I can also hear. from where I am sitting:

1. Crickets outside
2. Something that sounds like a washing machine (but I have NO idea where that is coming from)
3. My stomach growling (I haven't eaten dinner yet)