Random thoughts...

From the Imagination Prompt Generator (because I have no imaginative ideas of my own lately)...

Top 10 favorite scents or smells

10. Whatever cleaning solution is used by a business near my gym at around 6 a.m. weekdays. It must be Pine-Sol-ish, because it takes me back to my babysitter's kitchen back when I was just a tot. I remember the radio playing country music from KFDI in Wichita, Kansas, while we sat around Mrs. Nix's kitchen table coloring or making art projects.

9. New car. It's a cliche, but since we just bought a new vehicle yesterday (a fabulous purple Honda Fit), I feel justified.

8. Jimmy John's.
The smell of baking bread gets me every time. Only thing better than smelling Jimmy John's subs is eating them. Yumm-o.

7. Newborn baby. After he's been washed and freshly diapered and swaddled, smelling that little baby smell and stroking that feathery soft skin is luscious.

6. Cedar chest. It reminds me of fall, getting blankets and sweaters out of storage, snuggling up by a fire, getting ready for Christmas.

5. Thanksgiving morning. Oh the aromas! Turkey roasting, gravy broth bubbling, sage stuffing wafting...all while the Macy's parade plays in the background and chatter builds as friends and family converge for celebration.

4. Frazier Fir. Or any fir or pine for that matter. As long as it's real, it's perfect. Nothing says Happy Holidays like decking the halls with greenery and a fat, jolly tree. I can almost feel the sap sticking to my fingers and the needles pricking my fingers as I reach to hang ornaments.

3. Tim's chocolate chip cookies. My husband makes THE BEST oatmeal chocolate chip bar cookies on the planet, hands down. They smell so buttery and come out of the oven all ooey-gooey, if that scent could be bottled or packaged in a candle, we would make a fortune.

2. Dogs back from the groomer. It's almost too much...that perfumey goodness that signals the pooches are squeaky clean. I think whatever they use actually makes my dogs itch. But for those few moments right after the grooming, they smell and look so pretty. And then they go outside and, being their terrier selves, wreck everything.

1. Making sushi. Could be the smell of vinegary sticky rice, soy, wasabi, and pickled ginger are my favorite scent because they comprise my favorite food. I love making sushi (yes, you can make it safely at home...fraidycats). We're usually drinking wine and making a big spectacle of it, so the scent is one that sticks with me. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.


Tom Myler said...

What a great list of smells! This reminds me of a book I'm reading called "How to be an Explorer of the World." It contains exercises, one of which could easily be to inventory some of your favorite smells. (The reason I'm reading this book is to become more creative in terms of what I take photos of.)

Calandreya said...

A weird one from me - hot asphalt roads always remind me of summers spent at Silver Dollar City. I had so much fun making candles, watching the saloon shows, and riding Fire in the Hole.

Tom Myler said...

Fire in the Hole is the best rollercoaster! It's not particularly fast or scary or anything, but wow is it fun.