Rando thoughts, Day 5

I'll never do __________ again. And here's why...


I've told Tim that we can never ever get divorced because we've invested too much in our lives together and we have a great relationship and we just click. PLUS...I never want to have to do what has to be done to find another partner. The thought of the bar scene or blind date-fixups from friends or scouring for potential mates on the Internet just makes me shudder.

All that getting to know someone, figuring out whether he's just quirky or downright nuts, unpacking all that excess baggage, meeting the family and friends, ick. Just plain ick.

No thanks. Sorry Tim. You're stuck with me, for better or worse. But we're still on for "Date night" right? There are pluses to that, you know. We pay from a joint account, so it's like going Dutch! And, I'm probably a sure thing. LoL.

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