A new project

Inspired by Tim's recent garage-cleaning, toss-out-the-junk obsession, I've decided to start on the basement. Our basement, as is the case with most people's I think, has become a catch-all for anything we don't really want but are not ready to throw out. Now's the time to do some throwing.

I'm going to keep my eye on the prize -- that is, when we get the cleaning done, we might actually be able to think about finishing the basement (electrical outlets, more lighting, walling off rooms, slapping up drywall).

When that happens, we'll turn the basement into a family room/home theater, which means I'll get the TV out of the living room upstairs and replace it with a cushy couch on which I'll read my nook incessantly.

So here I go, into the dark, spiderwebby cave that is our downstairs.

Wish me luck.

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