Juggling balls. Of yarn?

OK. I'm addicted to fibers, fabulous yarny goodness. I love starting new projects. I can have anywhere from 1 to 10 projects going at a time. Currently, I am working on a baby blanket, two prayer shawls, and a couple scarves. Today, I plotted my next moves!

Kaleidoscope Yarns, one of my favorite places on the Web to buy great yarn at discount prices, is having a sock yarn sale. If regular yarn is my marijuana, then sock yarn is my heroin. I can't wait for cold weather so I can sit in my flannel pjs and knit socks every night. (Great excitement for those I live with, I'm sure.)

The most fun part was that if I spent $25, I got free double-pointed needles! Bonus!

Here are pics of the yarn I bought. The first is Opal self-striping, a color called "blind venus"...it's from the series Hundertwasser, based on colors from paintings by a renowned Austrian artist and sculptor who died in 2000. The second is Lang Jawoll Aktion Bamboo (50 percent superwash wool, 35 percent bamboo, 15 percent nylon, 150 percent delicious). It's limited edition from Northern Europe, and the color is simply described as "greens."

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Tom Myler said...

If regular yarn is my marijuana, then sock yarn is my heroin.

Great quote!