Job satisfaction

If I could do anything I wanted and how much money I made (or didn't) wasn't a concern, what would be my job? Name 10, in no particular order.

1. Starbucks barista. I'd probably be a jittery mess from all the free caffeine, but I've heard it's a great company to work for. Plus I love the sounds of a coffeehouse: eclectic music, the whushhhhhh of the milk steamer, murmurs of patrons chatting over lattes and scones, the roasty smell of java.

2. Yarn store clerk. See one of my recent previous posts re: my love for all the yarny goodness. 'Nuff said.

3. Bookstore clerk. In the same way I love yarn, I also love books. That may sound strange coming from someone who adores her e-reader so much, but I'll always love the printed page, spines that haven't yet been creased, author readings, the joy of children's picture books.

4. Freelance copyeditor. I miss working from home in my flannel lounge pants, with my dog(s)curled up next to me on the couch, laptop clicking away.

5. Novelist. I say this at least once a day: I'd love to write a book. If only I had the time and energy.

6. Athlete. Damn I would love to be able to lose weight and keep it off and be fit and stay that way. Tired of the battle.

7. Hospital volunteer. I loved being a candystriper in college. Problem with volunteering at most hospitals is that there tends to be a need from 8-5 weekdays, when I'm stuck in an office doing my regular job. I love watching sick people feel better when I bring around a book cart or deliver flowers or cards, or when I get to be the one wheeling them to their car to go home.

8. Book editor.
I would love working for a publishing company. Oh wait. I already do. Maybe I should look into this further...

9. Floral delivery person. For the same reason I like hospital volunteering...nothing is cheerier than spreading some joy and love in the world.

10. Not sure what the job is. But it would be in a place where I could wear ratty jeans every day, work flexible hours, chat while working, listen to music, work from home whenever I wanted, didn't have to worry about begging for time off to do things with/for my kid, had enough sick time to take a mental health day here and there, could bring a dog to work occasionally, had a boss with a raging case of humanity, was allowed time to go to the gym during the workday, and could actively participate in college basketball championship pools.

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