Great American Nauti-vel

The book you're going to write. What's going to be in it?


I've already started writing it. It's been in my head for years. Unfortunately, the type of book I'd probably write no one I know would dare read it. At least no one would admit it.

I love erotica. I appreciate the fantasy. A little bit of romance with a lot of naughty thrown in. The fun part about erotic fiction is that even though you know it wouldn't happen in your own life in a million years, you can still live a little of it in the quiet, secret corners of your mind.

Your dirty mind. And although we all like to pretend we're straight-laced Puritanical folk, I think it's only human nature to want to be a little bit bad. Not that I even think embracing your sexual nature is bad, per se. Just raunchy according to society's standards.

The thing about the novel I've started...it might have too much plot to be luscious mind candy. I've written nearly two chapters, and no one's even kissed yet. Someone got concussed. There's some foul language. And someone's naked.

Anyone interested yet?

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Tim said...

I'll read it...