Buy buy buy!

I'm hawking Henry's wares everywhere else, I might as well try here too.

Henry's school is doing a fund-raiser again this year to help pay for important activities. Grant Wood Elementary School in Iowa City is one of the most at-risk schools in the district. It has something like 80-90 percent of its kids on free or reduced lunches, and I'm only slightly exaggerating. The money from this fund-raiser goes to pay for field trips, classroom activities, student rewards and incentives, teacher requests, and other items to enrich the educational experience for Henry and his friends.

Among the items for sale are gourmet foods, gift wrap, cookbooks, calendars, and other gift items.

To order online, go here.

If you'd rather browse online but order through us and pay by check, just e-mail or call me.

Thanks for your time and support! The kids appreciate it!

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