Today is one of those days when I get a glimpse into what it might be like to be a single parent.

I don't like what I see.

Tim has an all-day shoot in Chicago that he just left for. Which means I have to take H to school, which means I had to get online for work at 6:30 and work from home for 1.5 hours in the midst of getting H ready for school. That was after I got up at 5 to take the dogs for a walk.

I'll take him at 8ish, then head to the office, where I'll work through lunch and get off at 4:30. Then it's home to let the dogs out, then go pick up H from after-school program, home for dinner, then off to swim lessons. After swimming, it's home for shower, snack, reading, and bed. Oh...I think we have homework in there somewhere.

I may have to get back online for work if I didn't fulfill my 9-hour-a-day-of-productive-work mandate.

Where's my time for reading, knitting, exercise, TV, personal e-mail, etc.?

Maybe tomorrow.

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