Bait and Switch

Don't buy anything online that seems to be too good to be true.

I am stoked that my Kansas City Chiefs are undefeated after 3 games this season, so I wanted to buy a jersey to support the team. I also want to support former Iowa Hawkeye Tony Moeaki, so I thought I'd get a jersey with his name on it.

Enter DHGate.com, a site that purported to have just such a jersey and available to me for the bargain-basement price of $32 (less than half the price of the ones you order from the NFL shop).

So I ordered. Then this morning, I got an e-mail saying that they didn't have any more Moeaki jerseys and that they would, instead, be sending me a different jersey. Not any jersey. A Montana jersey.

Joe Montana? Really?? I don't even consider him to have ever been a Chief. He was mediocre. If I remember correctly, when the Hall of Fame inducted him, he went in as a 49er, as he should've. So why on Earth would I want a Montana jersey?!

I did an online chat with the site's customer service center...someone who barely spoke English...who said I would be getting a refund and they would "punish" the seller. Yeah. Sure.

Joe Montana.

Still shaking my head.

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